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Bug-Killing Stuff® was the very first product of The Famous Company..

How we do it

"First, we need to get our big gadgets. You get the vacuum, I'll get the Super Hydro Blower. You get the mop and I'll get the Searcher For Bugs and the Hydro Sensors. Be very very very very very very very careful. This is a dangerous hot wax poison."

 Key Benefits

Kills bugs 
Doesn't smell too bad
You can wipe it up if you spill it


Quantity SKU # Price
Not Much BKS-NM $1.00
Some BKS-S $2.00
A Lot BKS-AL $3.00
2001 - Age 4

We have our own fleet of trucks. Our front-mounted vacuum truck can even suck up the bugs for you.