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What puts the "famous" in The Famous Company is our unique product line. Most of our products are unavailable anywhere else.

Bug-Killing Stuff®

If you have bugs, you need Bug-Killing Stuff.

Speed Of Light Planes

We used to go faster than the speed of sound, but then everybody did it. So we went faster...


Vacationing? Timeshares are so boring; TimeChairs are much more fun.

Space Operations

Eighty one-hundred black stealth shuttles are used to make diamonds in space. You can read about the space operations, and about the all-black Famous Company space shuttles.

In addition, we have issued a press release about President Bush's proposed journey to Mars.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

It isn't enough that there are 500 Yu-Gi-Oh cards available. We make our own, with really fearsome monsters.


The mysterious and somewhat frightening Element 119




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