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Many people ask how The Famous Company can afford its rather expensive activities. The answer is "we make big diamonds in space."

The diamonds are larger than toy balloons, and require the pure crystal growing environment of weightlessness. But even with balloon-sized diamonds, it takes a lot of them to finance The Famous Company.

So, the company operates a fleet of 200 space shuttles. These shuttles are like NASA's. However, they are painted black, which is why nobody has seen them.

The Famous Company and Columbia

Because of this, there is great interest at The Famous Company in NASA's space program. For example, here is Director of Space Operations Patrick Murphy (black sweater) shown with some of his colleagues, just after the launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia on January 16, 2003:

Liftoff of Space Shuttle Columbia's final flight

Later, Patrick traveled to the Kennedy Space Center, for a meeting with astronaut Charlie Walker on January 26:

NASA Astronaut Charlie Walker meets with Patrick Murphy

Unfortunately, just six days later, Walker's brave colleagues on the Columbia were lost when the Space Shuttle disintegrated upon re-entry.

Everyone at The Famous Company was very sad to hear the news. A few hours after it happened, Patrick expressed his feelings in a drawing showing tiles streaming from the doomed spacecraft. Yet despite sadness, there still is hope for the future, as evidenced in his title: "It Will Launch Again".

Space Shuttle Columbia drawing

A pilot reviews his checklist, prior to a mission flying one of the Famous Company's many all-black stealth shuttles.


February 2003 - Age 6


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