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"A black space shuttle carried up our first satellite. The satellite did fall into a black hole, because it was made to study them.

"But not the inside of a black hole. Radio waves can't get on the inside of a black hole because they can't escape. It was made to study the outside. It fell into the inside when it accidentally got too close.

'Soon, a black space shuttle carried up another satellite. Each one it brought up, all got sucked into different black holes.

"The black space shuttles became famous because their crews made diamonds in space. And the crew was named on one: Patrick, Casey, Dad and myself.

"The black space shuttles cannot be seen from your house, because they launch in the middle of the night when no one will stay up to see it.

"And that's all about the black space shuttles."

August 2003 - Age 6
Famous Company all-black stealth shuttle in Earth orbit

"Fact: There were actually 200 black space shuttles used to make diamonds!"


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