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Since the landing of the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity, the red planet has been in the public eye. Even President Bush has proposed lofty goals for eventually landing humans on Mars.

And where there is space excitement, The Famous Company is not far behind!

In a Feb. 2004 press release, The Famous Company set forth its analysis of the secret motivation behind President Bush's Mars proposal. We have been fortunate to obtain the first draft of this press release, which is pictured at right. Below is the final version:

Public Affairs Office

Feb. 4, 2004
For Immediate Release

The Journey to Mars

People have sent rovers to Mars to find if Mars had water at one point. Now we want to go to Mars. I guess we're going to Mars just to have babies there so they can grow up and become Martians.

# # #

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Press release first draft. Click for larger view.

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February 2004 - Age 7


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