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CAD drawing of the TimeChairs 

One day, some people were talking about "timeshares". Well, forget timeshares! We jumped right in with news about our latest invention, "TimeChairs".

As we told the people, at The Famous Company we have two TimeChairs. They take you back in time. They take you forward in time. At the end of your trip, you get a souvenir. We often visit the dinosaurs.

The two TimeChairs look exactly the same except they are not the same size. You can see this in the CAD (Child-Aided Drafting) drawing above. Also, at the upper left is the official TimeChair symbol, a clock with a small picture of a chair.

Key Benefits

bulletThe chairs are intentionally designed to be different sizes. This is so a parent can go with their child.
bulletMake new friends by visiting the same time period over and over: "The dinosaurs love me so much!"
bulletTimeChairs can even visit the present: "They can take you to the same day. You can do the same things again in the day you already did!"
2002 - Age 5



Time travel can be very exhausting.
Be sure to use the restraint harness, so you don't slide out of your TimeChair after returning from a prehistoric playdate.


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