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People want to know about black holes. Here is what I tell the people:

About black holes

A black hole is formed by the death of a star. A black hole has such a steep gravitational slope that even light can't escape!!!!!!!

In some Black Holes there is no escape but some Black Holes will take you to another Universe!! No offense but they are scary. If you are planning a journey to another Universe you should try to go into the weak part of a black Hole.

A supermassive black Hole lurks in the center of our galaxy; they are literally gravity gone mad. Unfortunately ours just started to feed. It eats everything in its way.

Black Holes are made by the death of stars. If Jupiter was a little bit bigger it would have turned into a star and [if it] had died it would have turned into a black hole and sucked us up but luckily that didn't happen.


2004 - Age 7

Famous Company's founder displays a light-blue black hole, surrounded by a crinkled darker blue accretion disc, with a jet at the base of blue and gold.
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The original research documents, straight from the lab:


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