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You know how volcanos can be. You have to constantly check them to make sure they won't blow up or have lava come out. So who do you call? Why, The Famous Company of course.

Our on-staff volcanologists have gained extensive training by watching the U.S. Geological Survey recommended movie "Dante's Peak". Also, they have their own silver suits.

Key Benefits

bulletWe use many different instruments to check on your volcano.
bulletWe don't get too close; the lava is hot.
bulletIf your volcano is going to erupt, we'll tell you.


2001 - Age 4


We know volcanos, inside and out. Red magma is under the earth, orange lava comes out of the crater, and a gray ash-plume rises from the volcano.

Famous Company volcanologist uses remote sensor

The Famous Company employs top volcanologists with their own silver suits. Here, a remote sensor is being used to detect volcanic gas.


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