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Welcome to The Famous Company, one of the most advanced, diversified, and surprising enterprises in the world. We think you'll be astonished by the breadth and scope of our planet-wide activities.

For example, our logo (above left) shows one of the many all-black stealth space shuttles built and operated by The Famous Company.

Mission statements

We provide our clients with imaginative products and services you simply can't get anywhere else.

We provide our employees, many of whom are named Patrick, with opportunities to pursue their interests without regard for cost or feasibility.

Company profile

The Famous Company is active in a number of areas:

bulletWe make Bug-Killing Stuff®.
bulletOur planes go as fast as the speed of light.
bulletVisit any year you want with our TimeChairs. In fact, we recently visited dinosaurs in the Jurassic Era.
bulletWe chase tornados and clean up afterwards
bulletWe study volcanos with our sensors.
bulletOur space shuttles make diamonds in space
bulletWe make "Patrick of Doom" and other custom Yu-Gi-Oh cards
bulletWe have some comments about President Bush's proposed journey to Mars
bulletWe tell people about black holes. They are scary!!
bulletWe discover new elements, such as Unbelieveium.


Our high-tech building is at an unspecified location, at the base of a major volcano. There is a wall in back to deflect the lava.
     The whole building sinks underground in case of a tornado. That way we don't have to go in a storm shelter or anything, and we can keep working.

How to reach us

407-354-0199. Don't call between 3 and 5 pm EST, since we're napping.
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The Famous Company has recently been listed in a few Internet directories. We would like to thank the following companies for their recognition:

Open Directory Project (dmoz)
Kids Net Australia - Non-profit, volunteer-operated search engine for kids. Sites listed are "fun, educational, and child safe."
CoolCraftSites - "The cool site to find links to crafts and family-related information"

FLASH! Famous Company scientists have just discovered the mysterious element 119, Unbelieveium. This exclusive photo of the nucleus shows how the subatomic particles are arranged.  


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